Project: Sandbox

Horror Comes to Haddonfield

A day and a half hike to the East of Downsburrough lies the small town of Haddonfield. The town revolves around its lush orchards, but is (was) home to a wizard named Langenkamp. Langenkamp became increasingly interested in dark magic, however, which was upsetting to the townspeople—especially the priest, Father Maxwell Friedkin. Father Friedkin eventually led a mob to Langenkamp’s windmill, blocking the wizard inside and burning the building down.

With his dying breath, Langenkamp cursed the town of Haddonfield: a thick cloud of black smoke surrounded the town, many residents were turned into terrible “Blackened Things,” and some had more specific fates. (For example, Father Friedkin was transformed into a terrible dog-boar that could only eat carrion, and never leave the Temple grounds, nor go inside.) Meanwhile, Langenkamp wandered as a liche surrounded by a pillar of fire, terrorizing the townspeople with his Blackened Thing minions.

This state of affairs had the Lord of the Land, Lord Haddock, a bit worried. However, Agent Deathstrike, Odin Stonebreaker and Skrell had by this point made a small name for themselves as a group willing to do anything—for a price—and unphased by the arcane, eldritch, or otherwise bizarre. Haddock send this crew out to take care of the “issue” at Haddonfield.

They discovered, in the basement of the windmill, the body of an innocent young man. He had curled up on a couch for an afternoon nap, and got caught up in the conflagration initiated by Father Friedkin. Giving this young man a proper burial removed the curse on the town—and got the attention of the Langenkamp the Liche, who they defeated in battle.

The trio did not stick around to be praised by the grateful townspeople; they quickly headed out to Lord Haddock’s keep to collect their payment.



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