Project: Sandbox

It *Was* a Quiet Town

In the small town of Downsburrough, a couple of strange characters have been seen. One came in as a Half-Orc named “Agent Deathstrike.” Shortly thereafter, a young man with a pair of dragons’ heads sprouting out of his shoulders came to the thieves’ guild. The guild master—BigMan Bob—did not like the young up-start, and sent him to certain death in the fabled Horsehead Tomb. The BigMan then hired Agent Deathstrike to go along and make sure the young man did not come back. As far as he knows, the young man met his fate that day in the tomb, and Agent Deathstrike returned with dragon heads rising from her shoulders, thus qualifying her name. (The BigMan doesn’t know it, but the dragons voluntarily left the young man, who was so overjoyed about the end of his curse that he embarked on a new path in life, one that did not take him back to Downsburrough).


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